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10 Jobs that Produce Goods (Complete)

Jobs that Produce Goods

In addition to having a very large culture, Indonesia also has a variety of jobs that can certainly produce an item. Although there are a lot of jobs in Indonesia, in fact the distribution of employment is still very lacking. Thus, the number of unemployed continues to increase.

Different types of work actually have their own risks. There is no job without risk. Well, there are also goods-producing jobs which of course are very much found in Indonesia. This work, of course, cannot be underestimated. Curious about anything?

10 Jobs That Produce Goods Are As Follows:

1. Farmers (Produce Rice)


Farming is a very important job. Where, from the results of farming, Indonesian people can eat the staple food, namely rice. To be able to produce good rice, farmers have to work hard.

They have to plow the fields, apply fertilizer, check irrigation channels for the fields and many other things that farmers do.

2. Fisherman (Producing Fish)


The next job of producing goods is fishing. As is known, this job has a very big risk. Especially if the sea waves are very high.

Sometimes, they risk their lives to get fish. Even so, the price of fish at suppliers is relatively small and sometimes it is not balanced with the risks involved.

3. Tailor (Produce Clothes)


The next job is a tailor. This work has been carried out by many Indonesian people. Tailors themselves work to produce various kinds of clothes.

These clothes will be used to warm the body during the rainy season and protect the body from the heat of the sun in the dry season.

In addition, sewing work is also often used as a course for those who really want to pursue this work.

In fact, most textile factories require their workers to master sewing techniques. Of course, opening a sewing course can be an alternative, if your job is lonely.

4. Breeders (Producing Meat)


The next job of producing goods is the breeder. There are many animals that can be raised, such as cows, goats, buffalo, chickens, ducks, geese and so on. The average breeder usually produces meat.

However, there are also those that produce eggs. Like chicken and duck breeders. What’s more, people also really like these two eggs. Both chicken eggs and duck eggs contain a lot of content and are useful for the body.

5. Craftsmen (Produce Crafts)


Handicrafts are highly sought after by travelers from outside the region and from abroad. Indonesia as a country with many tourist destinations, makes it have a variety of local handicrafts.

Usually, the craftsmen always get a lot of profits when the holiday season lasts. Some handicrafts from Indonesia are also highly sought after by tourists, because they usually have a high aesthetic value.

6. Painter (Produce Painting)


Painting is the next job of producing goods. A painter is a person who creates two-dimensional works of art in the form of paintings. In some areas, we often see painters selling their paintings on the roadside.

In addition, several painters also often hold exhibitions of their paintings. Sometimes, in these exhibitions, painters can sell their paintings at very high prices.

7. Carpenter (Produces Furniture)


Cabinets, chairs, tables are items produced by carpenters. This job is very easy to find. This is because many people need furniture to fill and beautify their homes.

Some consumers often request their own form and wood used for the ordered furniture. Not infrequently they order chairs, tables and other household furniture.

8. Food Vendor (Producing Food)

Food Vendor

The next job of producing goods is food vendors. This job itself is a person who sells merchandise in the form of food.

There are various food vendors that can be found, ranging from cakes, fried foods, meatballs, chicken noodles, batagor, dumplings and so on.

Currently, more and more food vendors are selling some of their creative products. So, it can still be liked by many people.

Some of the food-producing jobs above, of course, are never separated from the various obstacles and risks they face. Not only that, some of the jobs above have experienced substantial losses.

9. Planters (Producing Vegetables)


Do you know where the vegetables we eat every day come from? It is certain that from the planters who plant them, they are producers of goods that have contributed greatly to our daily food/food needs.

Planters usually grow many kinds of vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes, broccoli, spinach and many more. Then they will harvest everything when they are old enough, after that they will sell it to the market.

10. Farmers (Produce Salt)


Actually, not only salt is produced by a farmer, but they also sometimes provide fish seeds such as tilapia fish, shrimp, crab, milkfish and others.

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So at harvest time they will not only get salt, but also the fish that have been given before. Isn’t it delicious? Once rowed two to 5 islands crossed?

Well, those are some jobs that produce goods and until now they still exist and continue to grow. May be useful!