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10 Best Linux Distros for Servers, Networking & Gaming

Best Linux Distro

Linux is a very popular operating system for running servers. Most hosting servers are built on Linux. Its existence is an alternative to the Windows operating system.

Linux is considered safer from disturbing viruses and of course it can be used for free. The use of Linux is certainly better and more recommended than using a pirated Windows operating system.

Linux operating system is recommended because it has many advantages. One of them is the availability of many choices of distributions. But often the many choices actually create confusion for users.

Especially for those who don’t know the difference between one Linux distro and another, they will be more confused. Therefore, identify the advantages of each Linux distro so that you can choose according to your needs.

Recommended 10 Best Linux Distros

1. Ubuntu Canonical

Ubuntu Canonical

Canonical Ubuntu is one of the best Linux distributions that is already very popular among Linux users. This Linux distribution is built on the Debian architecture.

Ubuntu is said to have managed to balance stability and new features that are not available in other distributions.

That’s the reason why Ubuntu is a Linux distribution that has yet to be matched in popularity. Ubuntu like MATE, Xubuntu, or Lubuntu is a must try for those of you who run computers with limited hardware capabilities.

Please also note for users who want to install the Ubuntu operating system on their computer or laptop, Ubuntu runs the GNOME desktop perfectly. With the help of Snaps, installing apps becomes much more convenient.

Its users are quite large and active in various forums and communities so that you can find answers to problems related to it.

In conclusion, Ubuntu is a Linux distro that is quite helpful for those of you who want to multitask to get work done more efficiently.

2. Linux Mint

Linux Mint

Linux Mint is one of the best and fastest growing Linux distributions. Its presence is a challenge for Ubuntu to become the most popular.

Linux Mint has also established itself as the perfect replacement operating system for Windows with a near-perfect desktop experience.

Another reason is that Linux Mint’s capabilities can provide users with an unusual experience.

Ease of managing files is also available in this distribution. You can manage Word, PDF, PPT files and even convert documents.

Unlike Ubuntu, Linux Mint is equipped with various software in the installation package.

3. CentOS


The recommendation for the best linux distro for the next server is CentOS which is also known to be very stable and good in performance.

Another reason why CentOS is good is hardware support, power efficiency, and security.

There are many free and paid options for such scenarios. In addition, CentOS also has broad support in the technology industry as well as long-term support.

It can be said that CentOS is a general-purpose operating system and its community is supported by RHEL.

4. Ubuntu Mate

Ubuntu Mate

For people who care about security, the best Linux distro that fits best is Ubuntu Mate. Even Ubuntu Mate is also highly recommended for outdated hardware.

The hardware requirement for this operating system is only 512 MB. There are actually other distro options for older hardware, namely Puppy Linux and Bodhi Linux.

But Ubuntu Mate is more recommended because it has a light balance and more optimal performance. The large number of layout options is also the reason why this distribution is worth using.

5. Kali Linux

Kali Linux

Kali Linux comes with hundreds of useful tools for web applications, stress testing, vulnerability analysis, exploit tools, wireless attacks, forensic tools, and more.

The packages in this Kali Linux distro are mostly imported from the Debian Repository packages. Apart from the advantages in terms of a full-featured desktop, Kali linux can also be installed on Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Chromebook, and Ordroid.

This operating system can also be installed on Android smartphones using Kali NetHunter. There are also popular options like Parrot OS, and BlackArch Linux for those of you looking to find a linux distro for ethical hacking purposes.

6. Steam OS

Steam OS

Many gamers are reluctant to use the Linux operating system because it cannot support the availability of various games. But that slowly changed as more and more types of games were released for Linux.

Of the many Linux distributions, Steam OS is a great choice for gamers. Steam OS is equipped with Linux kernel tweaks that can ensure better device performance for gaming than other distributions.

Stema OS was created by Valve, the company behind the online game distribution platform Steam. This distro has been specifically designed to run games on the Steam Store.

7. Debian


If Steam OS is more recommended for gamers, then it is different from the Linux distro that is recommended for those who work as programmers.

Debian is one of the best Linux distributions that can install all programming tools. There is a large collection of packages that have been thoroughly tested and have a good reputation.

The advantage of Debian is stability which allows programmers to focus on program development.

Keep in mind that Debian is only recommended for programmers with experience with Linux and not for novice programmers.

8. Elementary OS

Elementary OS

This Ubuntu based Elementary OS is the most beautiful Linux distro and is known for its unmatched performance.

Elementary OS uses several design elements from macOS. This distribution is not equipped with many of the default applications from Ubuntu.

The reason is because Elementary OS aims to provide a lighter experience to the users.

This distro integrates with apps like Plank, Scratch, and Epiphany. Overall, it is useful for both experienced and novice users for everyday computing tasks.

9. Ubermix


Linux also has a selection of the best distros for kids. Ubermix, this distribution can be used free of charge and has a touch screen feature that children can easily use.

Users from among children can explore more widely using this best Linux distro.

This feature can help the motor nerves at the tips of the child’s fingers to be more trained. Users from among teachers aka teachers can also take advantage of this distribution as a more varied learning medium.

The installation process will not take much time making its use more effective.

10. Linux Tails

Linux Tails

Users who want to use computers more securely and privacy is maintained, then Tails Linux distribution is the right choice.

This Linux distro is an operating system that can be directly booted on almost any type of computer using an ISO or DVD via USB.

This Debian based linux distro ensures that all Internet connections are forced to pass through the Tor network.

With this, eventually there will be no trace left on the computer. This is what Tails calls security an advantage.

The distro is also equipped with cryptographic tools that can help users encrypt emails, files, and instant messages.

The ten best Linux distributions above were created for each different purpose.

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You as a user can determine which distribution to use according to your needs. With so many types of Linux distributions, users should not need to be confused anymore because all their needs can rely on this operating system.